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“Outstanding support and customer service! SpirIT UK provide our organisation with consistently friendly, thorough and wide-ranging support. We always feel well looked after by SpirIT, and have fostered a close working relationship with their team. Wholeheartedly recommend.” – Business Analyst, Children & Families Across Borders (CFAB)Technology can be so helpful – even liberating – when it’s all going well, but incredibly frustrating when it’s not. Sometimes you can try switching it off and on again, but when that doesn’t work – well, that’s where we come in….

At SpirIT UK we are absolutely fanatical about support. The right approach and attitude is the key to keeping your users happy and your organisation running efficiently. We take on many ad-hoc projects and requirements, but we always like to recommend our unique product – SafeGuardIT (which is a bit like a flexible insurance policy for your IT), as we know that this is the best way to prevent further issues and potential security risks. 

SafeGuardIT is made up of two main elements –

  1. Proactive Support – (Monitoring, patching, preventive measures). After an initial assessment and IT health check, our engineers install the necessary software and hand over to the Tech Ops team who continue to regularly monitor and update your IT to ensure that it is always compliant, secure and running smoothly. In addition, you will be notified when renewals are coming up, or if there are any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and will receive an urgent phone call if there is a serious issue. 
  2. Reactive Support – (Remote and onsite assistance, break fix and user guidance). The proactive element naturally results in reduced faults, but some niggly issues may still need attention. We offer a 24/7 UK-based support helpline and a comprehensive ticketing system to ensure that all users are responded to as efficiently as possible. Our lovely Tech Support engineers are super-skilled and can normally fix most things over the phone, but if not – there is the option of having one of them visit you. All you have to do is arrange a convenient time and put the kettle on 🙂

Our helpdesk uses an industry standard tool to allow for constant feedback and improvement, plus a way for you to escalate or call us in case of emergencies. This feedback means that we can boast the following statistics:

  • Typical response time to a ticket is less than 1 hour
  • For the last 500 tickets the feedback rating has been 99% positive.
  • Also, according to an independent and regular rating body – our helpdesk is rated as being in the top 5% of our market sector.

But the best thing about SafeGuardIT is that it can be tailored to your organisation’s size and needs. Our Support Plan Matrix offers guidelines on how to efficiently structure the various options – but you can basically pick and choose which services you need.

Below are our most popular plans, but if you’re not sure if they are suitable – simply call 0208 1234 365 and our helpful account managers will create a plan especially for you!


Get in touch by using the online form, email, or call 0208 1234 365 and speak to one of our helpful account managers now!

  • Excellent - polite, professional, and the request was sorted! Thank you!
  • I was very impressed with the excellent customer service I received - good work :-)
  • This company has the best will, spirit, courage and determination to make sure everyone is happy. Thank You
    Tri Borough Expert Patient Service Coordinator
  • Excellent quality service! Very fast and efficient!! Thank you Sukh for saving my life!!!
  • A wonderful company that goes the extra mile for everyone...... From our initial contact with Spirit UK we knew they were the perfect fit. Their patience with the end user and the extra support given to us outside the remit of the contract has been invaluable to us over the last few years. They have supported our causes and developed the personal through the professional. They always go the extra mile. We highly recommend SpirIT UK
    Operations Manager
  • Excellent support as always. Above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks!
  • Many thanks for taking the time to talk with me regarding our WIFI yesterday…. Thank you so much for all of your help over the past year!!!
  • Thank you very much for contacting me as soon as you heard of my IT issue and for your speedy action! Much appreciated.
  • SpirIT UK have been particularly generous with their time on matters which are borderline to the scope of the contract, such as security issues arising from statutory contracts, and telephone/mobile considerations.
    Head of Operational Support
  • Great company

    Very knowledgable and a great ethos. Helped me resolve many difficult technical issues. Highly recommended

    Project Manager
  • I can tell you that Spirit UK were a Godsend. They came in and overhauled our groaning ICT system; always with our best interests at heart. They really are ethical ICT and they will go the extra mile for you.
    Operations Manager
  • I was extremely pleased with Uptej's determination kindness and boundless energy to help us get back to normality today
    Tri Borough Expert Patient Service Coordinator
  • Thank you both again for all your brilliant work throughout this process. It was such a relief to know that you guys were on top of things.
  • Excellent Service

    SpirIT UK are a team of experienced, professional people who understand business's needs and and they offer the best solution and service which is available in the market according to your business's budget.

    Business Account Manager
  • Thank you for such prompt service Pal - you got me up and running for my online session in really good time. Much appreciated!
  • Excellent service - thank you for a prompt response and result.
  • Nubian Life happened across SpirIT UK, when we needed a detailed assessment and review of our IT systems due to the possibility of external hacking. I will always be glad that I somehow managed to pick them out of an IT directory with hundreds of companies listed. My first panic call was met with calmness, patience and a level of care that brought tears to my eyes given the stressful situation we were in. The process we needed to go through was explained and we were constantly reassured by the company that they would help us get things sorted. Our fears were not dismissed, and a considerable amount of their time was invested in reassuring us that our system was now safe after their intervention.
  • Many thanks for your effective and efficient service. Spirit are always a pleasure to work with!
  • I was very impressed with the excellent customer service I received - good work :-)
  • I wanted to say that Uptej was an absolute star yesterday. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and nice guy.
    Public Information Assistant
  • It’s always a pleasure to work with you [Uptej] – I learn something new and useful each time, you are always pleasant, professional and helpful.
  • Excellent service provided by Guv - thank you!
  • A great company to work with!

    Venus has worked closely with Spirit UK for some years. We can see that they give first class support to their customers who are connected to the Venus network. They always strive to provide the best solution and they are also great people to work with.

    Partner Account Manager
  • We can only tell the truth! you are an amazing group of people, whom we consider part of the Nubian family. We send you all our love and wish you the most success
  • Very good response time, quick, efficient and helpful. Thank you very much
  • A belated but most sincere thanks from me! All appears to have gone swimmingly. If only everybody we worked with was Spirit-like…
  • Great company to work with

    I've worked with SpirIT UK on multiple projects and they've always been very helpful with great communication. Always a pleasure working with them.

  • Outstanding! Fantastic News! Thank you Spirit for all your work.
  • Nice and efficient, spared my blushes as sensitive information was stuck in the printer
    Operations Manager
  • Excellent Support
    SpirIT UK provided my organisation with excellent support during a potentially difficult office move. I felt confident that they were addressing our key concerns throughout the process, allowing me to focus on other priorities.
  • Great service. Very friendly and courteous.
  • As a charity we have a number of financial constraints as you will appreciate; wherever SpirIT can supply us with cheaper but quality value items (software/ hardware/ Comms support) they have. They have negotiated contracts and disputes for us, not part of the package, and resolved a number of issues. They really are ethical ICT and they will go the extra mile for you.
    Operations Manager
  • Excellent service from consummate professionals

    I used SpirIT UK for tech support with an issue I had with my PC. They identified the issue quickly so I was up and running again in no time. Their depth of knowledge was excellent and from start to finish the level of service provided was faultless. I would certainly recommend them.

    Managing Director
  • The qualities of service and response times are unrivalled in our opinion. Members of staff are qualified and experienced in their roles, and their customer service is genuine. SpirIT UK’s support has enabled has to have a safe and smooth running IT system; but more importantly, through their genuine kindness, have helped us meet our goals of encouraging our members with long term health conditions to live more rewarding lives by helping others.
  • I wanted to extend a huge thanks to you all for your efforts on [our] website last night/ this morning. Yet again, the IT team, with the help of SpirIT UK have pulled together and taken responsibility, worked as a team, solved a problem and supported [us]! A huge and sincere thanks to all involved.
    [Global Charity]
  • Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday. I’ve had some conversations this morning and we all feel incredibly reassured that we are finally in great hands and on track to resolve the recent and other long standing security issues.
    [Global Charity]
  • Highly professional service that addresses business needs

    I have worked with Spirit UK for several years for support as well as project and complex design related tasks. They have always been professional and able to support me across the spectrum of requirements that I have. In my industry it’s essential that I have prompt and accurate support as well as designs that are cost effective, comprehensive and easy to upgrade. This genuinely is a company that cares about service which is sadly quite rare to find. I would like to especially recommend the SafeGuard IT support service which is flexible and acts as a preventative guard against failures. Highly recommended that you contact them - they really are very good.

    Business Development Manager
  • Excellent support as always, I am happy with the outcome
  • Effective, speedy and a complete IT solution

    Spirit UK provided a complete bespoke IT solution from start to finish. They were on hand to deal with all of the IT problems providing solutions to security to upgrades and keeping data secure. A service on hand when we needed them, experts on hand providing expert service. A great help providing support to an NHS-AQP

    Clinical Analytical Psychotherapist
  • The friendliest IT company I have ever met!
    Thank you so much for your hard work [yesterday]. We had a lot of equipment! It's been terrific working with you - the friendliest IT company I have ever met!
    Finance & Resources Manager
  • Changing our IT support arrangements has had one of the biggest positive infrastructure impacts in the last 20 years on how staff feel about working for Changing Faces as they now know that the IT provision is much more reliable and any issues they have get dealt with in a timely and professional manner. They (SpirIT UK) now provide a consistently responsive and high quality service, dealing promptly and extremely courteously at all times with the full range of issues that arise - from niggly hassles with printers through to the wholesale transition of our entire organisation between email systems. They have been particularly generous with their time on matters which are borderline to the scope of the contract, such as security issues arising from statutory contracts, and telephone/mobile considerations. This reflects the professional manner in which they communicate with the staff, patiently explaining sometimes highly technical issues in non-technical terms.
    Head of Operational Support
  • We initially hired Spirit UK because they had been recommended by an UN organization working in our field. We were impressed from the outset by the emphasis they placed on understanding our work in order to serve us as well as possible. Time has confirmed that their interest was sincere and not simply part of the sales pitch. In the second year of our contract with Spirit UK, we suffered budget cuts and thus had to downgrade the IT support package. Despite this fiscal reduction, Spirit UK has maintained an interest in what we do and has been just as responsive as ever to meeting our needs, particularly when we have been “in crisis” mode. It is hard to quantify their contribution, except to say that they have helped us maintain our service through ups and downs, and knowing they are on hand provides us all with great peace of mind!
  • Perfect, great work as always guys. Thanks for managing it!

    Senior IT Technician
  • Outstanding support and customer service
    SpirIT UK provide our organisation with consistently friendly, thorough and wide-ranging support. We always feel well looked after by SpirIT, and have fostered a close working relationship with their team. Wholeheartedly recommend.
  • I have been working with Spirit for over 2 years now and can attest to their excellent service and professionalism. They are always open to discussion and they have adapted well to changes in our business strategy. This is a very useful skill for someone in my position. Time and again we put Spirit to task in all areas of our business and they come through with cost-effective and future-proof solutions that the business can rely on. I would highly recommend any of their vast array services to anyone in the tech industry.
  • Beginning the new relationship with Spirit UK has been one of the best I have started in my career. Thank you for your friendly, supportive approach to providing us with excellent I.T. support and guidance. It is rare for companies to really deliver on their promise, but you do that every day and every instance of support we have needed. Thank you.I know that the excellent connection our team have with your team will mean that the relationship will continue as AoD continues to expand, and support thousands of disabled people a year. We are ever more reliant on secure, robust and reliable back office systems.Thank you for making the past year one where I have total confidence that your team will handle our staff with care and respect and you always go above and beyond to resolve issues. 

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