Security – Protect, Prepare, Prevent

“Nubian Life happened across SpirIT UK, when we needed a detailed assessment and review of our IT systems due to the possibility of external hacking. I will always be glad that I somehow managed to pick them out of an IT directory with hundreds of companies listed. My first panic call was met with calmness, patience and a level of care that brought tears to my eyes given the stressful situation we were in. The process we needed to go through was explained and we were constantly reassured by the company that they would help us get things sorted. Our fears were not dismissed, and a considerable amount of their time was invested in reassuring us that our system was now safe after their intervention.” – CEO,  Nubian Life Resource Centre

Our primary objective is prevention, but if something happens we are ready to respond. Our in house experts are certified specialists in Cyber Security and are often called upon to prevent, avert and repair breaches. Their depth and breadth of security knowledge allow SpirIT UK to correctly advise and support our clients, both large and small, in Information Security/Compliance as well as Operational IT Security.

We are part of the Cyber Security Incident (CSI) Response Teams for several major organisations and are called in to identify, repel and protect against live exploits. These events include a secondary phase which is to search, extract and track the origins of the exploits via formal channels.

We consult on PCI compliance for the retail, hospitality and payment sector as well providing reactive security advice and training for a number of UN agencies and NATO.

“Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday. I’ve had some conversations this morning and we all feel incredibly reassured that we are finally in great hands and on track to resolve the recent and other long standing security issues.” – Global Charity

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