Phone Systems & Mobiles

Communication is key. It’s a central part of most organisations today. Building and maintaining relationships with your colleagues and clients is vital and Telephony can be a complex area with a multitude of solutions from an even greater multitude of suppliers. Ever-evolving, even if you are technical it can be confusing on where to go and what to buy and most importantly what is the right solution for you.

Today’s phone systems can deliver so much more than making and transferring calls around the office. Conferencing, Auto-Attendant, Call Waiting, Voice Recording, Presence Management are just a few of many features.

Although our background is traditionally UC and Cisco CallManager, there is an increased demand among our clients towards simple and flexible  hosted and cloud solutions like Gamma Horizon and Microsoft Skype for Business due to clean integration with the desktop and flexibility of platform – mobile, tablet, phone, PC.

In addition to office based phone systems we supply, configure and centrally manage mobile phones for clients – for all platforms (Apple, Android, Windows).

We love testing and evaluating new handsets to bring the best of the market to our clients, the most recent of which was a smartphone which runs for 2 weeks on a single charge!

Our approach is to stick to the best providers for quality & value and the best supported vendor solutions with our clients’ needs being paramount.

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  • A belated but most sincere thanks from me! All appears to have gone swimmingly. If only everybody we worked with was Spirit-like…
  • This company has the best will, spirit, courage and determination to make sure everyone is happy. Thank You
    Tri Borough Expert Patient Service Coordinator
  • A wonderful company that goes the extra mile for everyone...... From our initial contact with Spirit UK we knew they were the perfect fit. Their patience with the end user and the extra support given to us outside the remit of the contract has been invaluable to us over the last few years. They have supported our causes and developed the personal through the professional. They always go the extra mile. We highly recommend SpirIT UK
    Operations Manager
  • The friendliest IT company I have ever met!
    Thank you so much for your hard work [yesterday]. We had a lot of equipment! It's been terrific working with you - the friendliest IT company I have ever met!
    Finance & Resources Manager
  • Changing our IT support arrangements has had one of the biggest positive infrastructure impacts in the last 20 years on how staff feel about working for Changing Faces as they now know that the IT provision is much more reliable and any issues they have get dealt with in a timely and professional manner. They (SpirIT UK) now provide a consistently responsive and high quality service, dealing promptly and extremely courteously at all times with the full range of issues that arise - from niggly hassles with printers through to the wholesale transition of our entire organisation between email systems. They have been particularly generous with their time on matters which are borderline to the scope of the contract, such as security issues arising from statutory contracts, and telephone/mobile considerations. This reflects the professional manner in which they communicate with the staff, patiently explaining sometimes highly technical issues in non-technical terms.
    Head of Operational Support
  • SpirIT UK have been particularly generous with their time on matters which are borderline to the scope of the contract, such as security issues arising from statutory contracts, and telephone/mobile considerations.
    Head of Operational Support
  • Chris, you are a miracle worker! Phones are already here!!! Thank you!
  • A great company to work with!

    Venus has worked closely with Spirit UK for some years. We can see that they give first class support to their customers who are connected to the Venus network. They always strive to provide the best solution and they are also great people to work with.

    Partner Account Manager
  • Excellent Service

    SpirIT UK are a team of experienced, professional people who understand business's needs and and they offer the best solution and service which is available in the market according to your business's budget.

    Business Account Manager
  • Saved by SpirIT UK...

    Literally! It was countdown to trialling exciting software on android tablets in rural Africa. 6 days left when we realised: Sony Xperia Z2 tablets (which the software is made for) are absolutely nowhere to be found and we need 25 of them. Quick. After hundreds (actual number 26) of phone calls to different suppliers and vendors we were close to giving up when SpirIT UK comes into the picture on a late Friday afternoon.

    The result? 25 Sony Xperia tablets delivered by noon the following Monday! How good is that?! Nobody else could do it, and they saved our project! Super happy with their efforts, support and their rapid delivery! I highly recommend SpirIT UK to anybody needing any hardware of any kind. These lot are brilliant.


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