Office Moves & Changes

“SpirIT UK provided my organisation with excellent support during a potentially difficult office move. I felt confident that they were addressing our key concerns throughout the process, allowing me to focus on other priorities.” – CEO, Children & Families Across Borders (CFAB) 

Moving office or having a change around doesn’t need to be an epic drama. We’ve successfully relocated many of our clients – sometimes the same ones numerous times.

There is a simple but tried and tested process we follow, all templated and drawn as a flow chart – this is the result of fantastic teamwork and years of experience.

Trust us to coordinate your next move and we’ll help you experience a speedy and pain free transition. We can also make suggestions to help you rearrange your current office layout to get the most out of your space from start to finish. We’ll even be there to help when users come back to work in their new environment.

A belated but most sincere thanks from me! All appears to have gone swimmingly. If only everybody we worked with was Spirit-like…” – CEO, Children & Families Across Borders (CFAB)

Our team have everything covered, whatever the weather! So if you’re feeling daunted by an upcoming office move or project – just call 0208 1234 365 for technical, moral and often emotional support.