Disaster Recovery & BCM 

Our DR and Business Continuity Management (BCM/ISO 22301) expertise extends to governments, non profit, commercial and defence sectors across the globe. We work to ensure continuity and availability of key systems and embed BCM to create solutions that are inherently robust – it may not be as hard or as expensive as you might think.

Regardless of the status of your DR/BCM or budget you can rely on us to come up with a workable and effective solution which will protect your organisation from failure.

  • A belated but most sincere thanks from me! All appears to have gone swimmingly. If only everybody we worked with was Spirit-like…
  • This company has the best will, spirit, courage and determination to make sure everyone is happy. Thank You
    Tri Borough Expert Patient Service Coordinator
  • I was extremely pleased with Uptej's determination kindness and boundless energy to help us get back to normality today
    Tri Borough Expert Patient Service Coordinator
  • A wonderful company that goes the extra mile for everyone...... From our initial contact with Spirit UK we knew they were the perfect fit. Their patience with the end user and the extra support given to us outside the remit of the contract has been invaluable to us over the last few years. They have supported our causes and developed the personal through the professional. They always go the extra mile. We highly recommend SpirIT UK
    Operations Manager
  • Thank you for such prompt service Pal - you got me up and running for my online session in really good time. Much appreciated!
  • Excellent quality service! Very fast and efficient!! Thank you Sukh for saving my life!!!
  • We initially hired Spirit UK because they had been recommended by an UN organization working in our field. We were impressed from the outset by the emphasis they placed on understanding our work in order to serve us as well as possible. Time has confirmed that their interest was sincere and not simply part of the sales pitch. In the second year of our contract with Spirit UK, we suffered budget cuts and thus had to downgrade the IT support package. Despite this fiscal reduction, Spirit UK has maintained an interest in what we do and has been just as responsive as ever to meeting our needs, particularly when we have been “in crisis” mode. It is hard to quantify their contribution, except to say that they have helped us maintain our service through ups and downs, and knowing they are on hand provides us all with great peace of mind!
  • Changing our IT support arrangements has had one of the biggest positive infrastructure impacts in the last 20 years on how staff feel about working for Changing Faces as they now know that the IT provision is much more reliable and any issues they have get dealt with in a timely and professional manner. They (SpirIT UK) now provide a consistently responsive and high quality service, dealing promptly and extremely courteously at all times with the full range of issues that arise - from niggly hassles with printers through to the wholesale transition of our entire organisation between email systems. They have been particularly generous with their time on matters which are borderline to the scope of the contract, such as security issues arising from statutory contracts, and telephone/mobile considerations. This reflects the professional manner in which they communicate with the staff, patiently explaining sometimes highly technical issues in non-technical terms.
    Head of Operational Support
  • Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday. I’ve had some conversations this morning and we all feel incredibly reassured that we are finally in great hands and on track to resolve the recent and other long standing security issues.
    [Global Charity]
  • Nubian Life happened across SpirIT UK, when we needed a detailed assessment and review of our IT systems due to the possibility of external hacking. I will always be glad that I somehow managed to pick them out of an IT directory with hundreds of companies listed. My first panic call was met with calmness, patience and a level of care that brought tears to my eyes given the stressful situation we were in. The process we needed to go through was explained and we were constantly reassured by the company that they would help us get things sorted. Our fears were not dismissed, and a considerable amount of their time was invested in reassuring us that our system was now safe after their intervention.
  • SpirIT UK have been particularly generous with their time on matters which are borderline to the scope of the contract, such as security issues arising from statutory contracts, and telephone/mobile considerations.
    Head of Operational Support
  • Highly professional service that addresses business needs

    I have worked with Spirit UK for several years for support as well as project and complex design related tasks. They have always been professional and able to support me across the spectrum of requirements that I have. In my industry it’s essential that I have prompt and accurate support as well as designs that are cost effective, comprehensive and easy to upgrade. This genuinely is a company that cares about service which is sadly quite rare to find. I would like to especially recommend the SafeGuard IT support service which is flexible and acts as a preventative guard against failures. Highly recommended that you contact them - they really are very good.

    Business Development Manager

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